Sigurður Flosason (De) Lux Project

So | 27.01.2019 | 20:30 Uhr

Leading Icelandic saxophonist Sigurður Flosason and the three well known Luxembourgish Jazz musicians (M.Reis/M.Demuth/J.Herr) met through common friends for a few informal performances in October 2015. The combination proved explosive and since the experience was exciting and for all involved, they decided to make more of it and develop the cooperation further. The band focuses on Flosason’s music but also with compositional input from the other members. The music is original modern jazz of various kinds with firm roots in the tradition. Big music from people from two small countries who have a lot in common!

Icelandic saxophonist Sigurður Flosason started playing jazz as a teenager and attracted attention in his home country early on. He studied at The Reykjavik College of Music and graduated in 1983 with a Performance Diploma in classical saxophone. Further studies at Indiana University in the U.S. where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in 1986 and a Master’s degree in 1988, in both jazz studies and classical saxophone. At Indiana he studied with jazz education guru David Baker and leading classical saxophonist Eugene Rousseau. Sigurdur continued his studies with George Coleman in New York during the winter 1988-89.

Sigurður has been much involved and influential in music education in Iceland. Since 1989 he has been head of the jazz department at the F.I.H School of Music, Iceland’s leading jazz school. He has given numerous courses, clinics and workshops in Iceland and abroad, as well as working extensively for the Icelandic ministry of education on curriculum for Icelandic music schools. Furthermore, he has been instrumental in promoting jazz music in Iceland by organizing concert series and festivals. He is vice chairman of FTT the Icelandic Association of Composer’s of Popular Music and Jazz. He’s also on the board of STEF, the Icelandic Composer’s Rights Association.

Sigurður Flosason – Saxophone
Michel Reis – Piano
Marc Demuth – Bass
Jeff Herr – Drums