Eine Übersucht über vergangene Konzerte im DUMONT

François Bourassa Quartet

François Bourassa Quartet

So | 11.11.2018 | 20:30 Uhr

Over nearly three decades, François Bourassa has built many musical mansions. As pianist, composer and bandleader, he long ago became an international example of Canada’s contemporary jazz scene. A model of both consistency and evolution, he continues to challenge himself, his talented musical partners and his ever-widening community of listeners. Bourassa was born in Montreal on September 29, 1959. Initially inspired to play piano by his mother’s example, he put the instrument aside for five years in favor of the guitar. “Even as a teenager I was passionate about music,” he recalls. “I would transcribe Johnny Winter and Jimi Hendrix solos. Then my taste grew more sophisticated when I heard progressive rock, especially Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I came back to the piano at 17 and started to write tunes. Return to Forever was my transition point to jazz, after which I discovered Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Coltrane and Miles.”

Now a committed if self-taught improviser, Bourassa studied composition at McGill, where he earned his college degree. Bourassa then returned to studies at Boston’s New England Conservatory, where he focused on improvisation with George Russell, Fred Hersch, Tom McKinley and Miroslav Vitous and earned a Master’s degree. Recent years have seen Bourassa take on new challenges, including an occasional trio with saxophonist Jean Derome and percussionist Pierre Tanguay that has taken the pianist into more unstructured realms; a New York City residency lasting six months in 2005; and a growing list of commissions including, most recently, an orchestral concerto for vibes and marimba. The constant is the François Bourassa Quartet, and on its newly recorded Idiosyncrasie (2011) it displays new levels of mystery, whimsy and passion, with more angles and space in its sound and an ever-deepening telepathy among its members. “Continuity is important for me,” Bourassa summarizes, “and even when I have been focused on other projects it is easy for us to get back together. The challenge is to write music that will take things a step forward, because I don’t want to repeat what we’ve already done. I’m always open to new discoveries. It never stops.”



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